The Victoria Cross (VC) is the British military's highest decoration and is awarded to members of the armed forces for exceptional valour ‘in the face of the enemy’.

The VC was introduced by Queen Victoria in 1856 but it was only in 1911, when King George V visited India, that Gurkhas became eligible for the award. Since then 26 VCs have been awarded to soldiers of the Brigade of Gurkhas, 13 to British Officers and 13 to Gurkha soldiers.

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  • Rifleman Kulbir Thapa VC
    Rifleman Kulbir Thapa
    Third Gurkha Rifles, 1915.
  • Rifleman Karanabahadur Rana VC
    Rifleman Karanabahadur Rana
    Third Gurkha Rifles, 1918.
  • Rifleman Lalbahadur Thapa VC
    Subedar Lalbahadur Thapa
    Second Gurkha Rifles, 1943.
  • Havildar Gaje Ghale VC
    Havildar Gaje Ghale
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1943.
  • Rifleman Ganju Lama VC
    Rifleman Ganju Lama
    Seventh Gurkha Rifles, 1944
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    Lt (Hon) Tul Bahadur Pun
    Sixth Gurkha Rifles, 1944
  • Subedar Netrabahadur Thapa VC
    Subedar Netrabahadur Thapa
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Naik Agansing Rai VC
    Naik Agansing Rai
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Rifleman Thaman Gurung VC
    Rifleman Thaman Gurung
    Fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung VC
    Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung
    Second Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
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    Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung
    Eighth Gurkha Rifles, 1944.
  • Lance Corporal Rambahadur Limbu VC
    Lance Cpl Rambahadur Limbu
    Tenth Gurkha Rifles, 1965.
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    Rifleman Sher Bahadur Thapa
    Ninth Gurkha Rifles, 1944.

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