Kirati King Yalambar illustration

Kirati King Yalambar illustration V. Hunjan, Believe Collective 2010
(with thanks to Biplove Bhattachan & Rebecca Van Ommen for background elements)

Nepal's early history is shrouded in myth and legend. Separating fact from fantasy is almost impossible as very few written records have survived the successive dynasties that have reigned over this incredibly diverse Himlayan kingdom. This section of the Ayo Gorkhali Timeline traces the development of Nepal from the time of the Kiratis almost a thousand years BCE (Before the Common Era or 'BC'), when the mountain kingdom did not extend much further than the Kathmandu Valley, through the invasions and expansion under the Lichhavi, Thakuri and Malla dynasties, until the time of the British arrival in India in the 17th Century CE (Common Era or 'AD'). This section of the Timeline is no more than a very basic summary of a fascinating and truly epic period in Nepali - and global - history.

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Dhanyabad - thank you.

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